Clutch Honors MI DIGITAL as a Leading Developer!

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September 18th, 2018/ By Martin Morava/ Reading time: 5 minutes

Our team combines wealth of expertise with excellent customer service, and this approach to our everyday work and growth has made us one of the premier web developers in Croatia, ranking within the top 10 web developers on Clutch out of nearly 70 competitors.

MI DIGITAL is Now Found on Clutch · MI DIGITAL

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April 12th, 2018/ By Martin Morava/ Reading time: 5 minutes

Our team works hard to produce high quality software with the best service possible for all of our clients. Clutch noticed this custom approach and our commitment and brought us aboard their renowned B2B ratings and reviews platform.

Captivate Your Audience Using Progressive Web Apps

web development
Feb 8th, 2018/ By Martin Morava/ Reading time: 6 minutes

To ensure superb digital experiences, many forward-looking businesses are embracing progressive web apps (PWA). Progressive web apps function and “feel” like custom native apps but are really just websites on steroids, so to speak.

Top 15 Marketing Automation Questions on Quora and our Answers to Them

marketing automation
Jan 3rd, 2018/ By Ivana Oreski/ Reading time: 15 minutes

In this article, we are focusing on answering the top 15 marketing automation questions on Quora. These questions range from what marketing automation is to how it benefits businesses. We sincerely hope that these Q&As will provide you with valuable information.

Business to Government Branded Campaigns

branded campaigns
November 20th, 2017/ By Ivana Oreski/ Reading time: 2 minutes

Unlike some of the most complex large-budget B2B or B2C campaigns, managing professional affairs conducted between large associations and regional, municipal and federal governing bodies is much more complex and it involves greater risks and stronger short and long-term effects and consequences than what would be expected.

Most common Google Data Studio errors and how to fix them

google data studio
November 9th, 2017/ By Ivana Oreski/ Reading time: 10 minutes

Although Google is doing a great job in fixing errors you may find using Google Data Studio, still users may experience some generally known issues presented in this blog post.

Reach the right customers by automating Google AdWords’ IP restrictions

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October 17th, 2017/ By Martin Morava/ Reading time: 10 minutes

You want to reach your audience fast, within the right context, and with the most impact. So do your competitors. If you are all using Google AdWords as is, you’ll likely end up rumbling over the same set of customers without ever reeling in the results you were hoping for.

Using AdWords Scripts for Automation of Google Shopping Campaigns — For Beginners

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October 10th, 2017/ By Ivana Oreski/ Reading time: 10 minutes

Automation of Google Shopping campaigns is essential when your company reaches a certain maturity level and your marketing campaigns grow complex. That is where AdWords scripts come in, they create levers and structure within your campaign ecosystem, that allows you to harness its full potential while keeping costs at bay.

MI DIGITAL Marketing Automation Company And What We Can Do For You

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October 10th, 2017/ By Ivana Oreski/ Reading time: 10 minutes

Modern businesses need effective and technologically advanced marketing departments to survive in today’s highly competitive business world. Yet we don’t have a centralized technological solution that can run all aspects of marketing, especially knowing that companies are simply too different to make the vision of marketing departments a technical reality.