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Business to Government Branded Campaigns

branded campaigns

Business to Government is a relatively unknown area in digital marketing, an area in which advertising concepts, processes and best strategies can rarely be found. Furthermore, professional articles about this type of digital marketing are almost non-existent.

Unlike some of the most complex large-budget B2B or B2C campaigns, managing professional affairs conducted between large associations and regional, municipal and federal governing bodies is much more complex and it involves greater risks and stronger short and long-term effects and consequences than what would be expected.

Using digital marketing channels as a paid activity for lobbying in the United States, used to argue for specific legislation in decision-making bodies such as the United States Congress, follows complex rules of marketing, PR, branding, advertising, promotions, as well as rules relating to legislation, persuasion, messaging, media buying, psychology, reputation management, behavioural analysis and other professional practices. Not observing these rules could have dire consequences for the client you are representing.

When the government makes decisions (i.e., buys), its decision making processes differ from the decision making processes of the commercial sector. The language it speaks is different. Its motivations for making final decisions are different. Therefore, the marketing efforts must be different, they must be extremely smart, innovative and tactical, and they need to constantly balance between influencing decisions and lobbying sensitivity, especially around Washington, D.C.

When one of our clients came up with the idea for a campaign in the field of health and social care, we were very touched, both as people and as professionals, by their sensitivity to the protection of children from the youngest age. Although marketing automation is the primary focus of our marketing department, we have a vast technical knowledge, digital experience and creativity to help client reach their goal on a national level.

Inspired by our client's vision, we created one of the most successful Business-to-Government campaigns. The concepts, processes, theories and practices of this campaign are used as an example of the best B2G marketing practices in one of the largest alliances in the automotive industry, and the results of this campaign have raised the bar for measuring the success of these types of campaigns.

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