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At MI DIGITAL, our team of dedicated engineering and marketing experts develops custom and automatic software for small to mid-sized clients all over the world. We implement the most cutting-edge software techniques and technologies that are tailor to your company’s unique project or business challenge.

We specialize in Ruby on Rails and React full stack development technologies, with each team member focusing on the front end or back end of the data model. Our one-of-a-kind method promotes efficiency, flexibility, specialized expertise, and a high level of collaboration throughout any development project.

Our team works hard to produce high quality software with the best service possible for all of our clients. Clutch noticed this custom approach and our commitment and brought us aboard their renowned B2B ratings and reviews platform. Clutch not only allows us to illustrate our industry expertise and top-notch service, but they also provide us with a resource to hear from our clients and for us to strive to improve our company.

Although Clutch is a competitive platform – they are always adding new companies and reviews – only the most successful companies on Clutch reach the top of their rankings. Their methodology for ranking consists of factors like ability to deliver, work projects as shown through case studies, and current and past clients of the companies they feature. The backbone of this research methodology comes from client reviews their analysts conduct with current and past clients that companies submit as references.

Progressive web apps are web pages or websites that are designed to behave like native apps, delivering seamless and compelling user experiences. Unlike regular web pages, PWAs load quickly, run just like a top-level full-screen app, allow push notifications, and can be stored as an icon on the home screen. PWAs became an official (sort of) app category in 2015 when the term was first coined, with Google providing their key characteristics:

While we are relatively new to Clutch, we are excited to share some of the reviews we have listed on our profile so far. We are proud to be listed alongside an arsenal of leading software developers and we love to hear feedback on our work.

MI DIGITAL clutch review

“I found MI DIGITAL to be a lot more engaging compared to other vendors,” said one of our clients, the director of growth for a train travel platform. “You can call them right up for anything, which I find very important. If something they owned needed to be updated, they'd come in and take care of it right away. MI DIGITAL had a basic understanding of the fundamentals of what was needed to get started. It was incredibly useful having a vendor understand how it all gets plugged in together in the background.”

Another client, the CEO of a digital communications firm, commented, “We have a great business relationship, and I’m very satisfied. We found them at the perfect time, and they're really an ideal vendor for our company. We're not a huge business, so we've only experienced six or seven different development teams. I really value MI DIGITAL’s availability and commitment to getting work done. The sense of security they provide is worth the entire budget we pay them.”

We can’t wait to hear more from you, our clients, as we continue to grow our Clutch presence and strive to become a leader!

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