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MI DIGITAL Marketing Automation Company And What We Can Do For You

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Modern businesses need effective and technologically advanced marketing departments to survive in today’s highly competitive business world. Yet we don’t have a centralized technological solution that can run all aspects of marketing, especially knowing that companies are simply too different to make the vision of marketing departments a technical reality.

There is no one-size engineering solution for marketing, only marketing leaders will understand the core business problems and market challenges needed to hit a revenue goal. That is why in this article, we will be focusing on custom marketing automation tools, which our company is specialized in.

How can automation help marketing teams accelerate digital marketing transformation?

With careful implementation and execution of marketing automation, businesses can stay on top of their game and ahead of the competition. Experts predict that automation will handle the majority of marketing tasks in a few years and marketing teams will only need to provide essential creative input and monitoring.

Recent surveys reveal that CMOs are likely to spend more on IT than CTOs in 2017 and the following years.

The best feature of this technology is its customizability. Marketing automation software can be tailored according to the business’ unique requirements to ensure that the automation is more efficient and provides better ROI. This is a clear indication that technology and marketing automation is a very important aspect of a successful marketing strategy.

At the very beginning it is important to understand that automated systems aren’t similar to an AI or an intelligent system. Marketing automation software can’t learn from past mistakes or add any form of creative input to the marketing process as that requires human intelligence and insight. So, what are the benefits of marketing automation?

Benefits of Marketing Automation Technology

Automation systems handle repetitive tasks that can be programmed into easy-to-use tools that follow a set pattern. During that time, teams can focus on planning, strategy, and creative thinking. When these two forces are combined, the marketing system can run smoothly. Here at MI DIGITAL, we’re familiar with the process, benefits, and abilities of these systems. Here are some advantages of automation for you to consider:

1. Advanced personalization, optimization, segmentation, and testing

Sophisticated marketing automation systems draw data from other connected platforms and interact with different systems across the internet. Every successive version of the automation software is more refined and more optimized to the customer's requirements. They deliver better marketing results and contain fewer glitches and flaws.

This helps collect all information in the system and provides important data for the marketing team. The team can then use the testing and personalization process to refine the marketing strategy and improve overall customer experience with the products, service or brand itself.

2. Processing big data

One of the most important aspects of marketing is to process all the information from the websites, various ad campaigns, social channels, offline marketing, etc, and compile it into a coherent and relevant form. This requires a lot of effort, planning, and time, which is why it's best left to automated systems rather than marketing teams. The custom solutions might be that advanced, to assess the information, identify patterns, make note of unusual or outlier data, and create a concise report for the marketers.

Processing big data without automation just isn't feasible and can eat into your profits over time. This task is also very tedious and can hamper employee productivity, which is why it's a good idea to implement automated systems to handle big data collection and processes.

3. Narrow campaign targeting on a large scale

Modern marketing is quite widespread and utilizes a number of platforms. A business will have organic marketing ventures like content creating, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. They can have paid ad campaigns on Google, Bing, and their affiliated websites. They can also have paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such platforms. Managing narrow targeted customer-focused or product-focused campaigns on different platforms is quite difficult without well-customized marketing tools.

Imagine you are a telecommunications company offering a new B2C payment option in several countries to gain new customers. In this campaign, you would want to avoid targeting users who are already in your network to avoid spamming and unnecessary expenses. For the AdWords campaigns to exclude a large number of IP addresses manually is an exhausting and unproductive process, prone to errors and hardly reversible. In cases similar to these, a custom automation solution helps marketing teams relate actions with marketplace results.

4. Lead generation and management

The aim of a good marketing strategy is to generate good leads, walk them through the sales process, and eventually convert them to a sale. This is especially important in businesses where there are no active sales involved. For example, e-commerce websites only display products, product information, reviews, and other such details and rely on content to compel the buyer. They don't rely on the interaction between the customer and a salesperson in order to get leads and conversions.

A custom automated system can help generate leads without in-depth assistance from professionals and marketers. The system identifies good leads based on their historical activity, level of interest, the number of visits to the website, originating platform like mobile or desktop, etc, and then hands them over to the sales department if needed.

Once the lead is qualified, the system also works to keep them engaged by automatically sending welcome emails, newsletters, content, offers, etc. This helps a business maintain the lead.

All of these factors lead to better performance, decision-making, and ROI, which can increase profits and help the business thrive.

How are we helping advanced marketers grow?

Marketers who are using advanced software, analytics, and practices are considered advanced marketers. Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

In the research by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services from September 2016, it is stated that a significant gap of skills exists between manual marketers and advanced marketers, especially where digital marketing metrics and data analytics are concerned. Marketing teams need to expand their skillsets to include the crucial ability to interpret data. The need is for any marketer who can examine the data-driven behaviour of leads and customers and the data collected through their interactions with various campaigns, and then understand how it maps to the marketing team’s overall KPIs. Here are some of the findings from the research:

  • 56% of marketing leaders say that technology is extremely important at every phase of marketing and sales
  • 70% said the ability to integrate marketing systems with other systems is extremely important: without integration, delivering a consistent, seamless experience to customer is not possible
  • 80% of marketers have little to no automation when it comes to qualifying leads
  • 75% of marketers cannot pass leads to sales

MI DIGITAL is a company of dedicated experts in engineering and marketing. Our capacity to help customers is a result of implementing best practice software development processes and online marketing strategies in our execution. We are changing the way marketing and development departments collaborate, how your products will be used, and how your stories will be told. With a background rooted in technology, engineering, and social sciences, we build on our legacy knowledge and improve dynamically, working on different projects and following world trends with the purpose of finding the final product that suits your needs perfectly.

Marketing automation is meant to help us

Leaders and marketing teams in any enterprise (especially small to medium size companies) should work hand in hand to meet the business requirements, deliver and march towards continuous improvement. This is what marketing automation is all about —accelerate marketing activities, lower costs, improve time to market, bring a positive change in processes and people in terms of consistency, flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

With careful implementation and execution of marketing automation, businesses can stay on top of their game and ahead of the competition. It’s easier to start implementing automation now and keep your marketing department up to date, and even ahead of the game in digital marketing, than wait for technology to change marketing at a speed that you can barely keep up with.

Careful implementation will help businesses integrate automation into their systems gradually and help employees become accustomed to it. If you can forecast the future now, you’ll have an easier time assimilating when it happens.

We can help with the planning, strategizing, and implementation of a good automation system so don’t hesitate to contact us today for marketing automation consulting and implementation.

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