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WHAT IS is a progressive web app with which you can track the change of price and discounts for products and categories from various online stores over time. The platform gives users the opportunity to spot deals and get notifications about discounts in various product groups they are interested in. Users can subscribe to receive notifications on price changes by setting criteria in an absolute value of percentage. Let’s take a look at the app’s important features: Personalized Dynamic Website product image


  1. Personalized feed
  2. Users can create their own personalized product feed using product keywords to populates it and easily keep track. Using keywords allows you to create individual feeds that are saved in the platform, which saves you time from having to repeat searches.

  3. Big Data
  4. We have created advanced algorithms that we use to keep track of daily price trends from a range of online stores. Our servers process enormous amounts of data in order to find the best available deals on a daily basis.

  5. Price change history
  6. For each product, users can gather information that helps them in their purchasing decisions. You can see current price, highest and lowest price, and the average price of each product over time. Additionally, you can see the last 5 price changes, including a price change historical graph. Furthermore, we have embedded a percentage price calculator for users to easily see the final price and benchmark the amount they are willing to pay after a specific discount. Personalized Dynamic Website price table image
  7. Custom built CMS for the SEO pages
  8. In order to help in their metadata and content management, we have built a customized CMS tool, which enables users to seamlessly customize page titles, page descriptions, slugs, metadata, and tags. You can customize any of these fields without character limitation with the option to automatically fill in fields for every page.

  9. Automated updates of static and dynamic URLs to XML sitemap
  10. Products are created or updated on the site every 24 hours. That is why automation is the best solution for adding URLs to XML sitemaps and making sure the sitemaps are always up to date.

  11. Email and push notifications
  12. In order to allow users to quickly respond to discounts and purchase items at the best price possible, we have implemented instant email and push notifications that help you act fast. Push notifications help you employ urgent information, such as deep discounts and coupons, and make more informed decisions. Personalized Dynamic Website notification image
  13. Progressive web app
  14. We have built as a powerful progressive web app following Google guidelines and best practices. It loads quickly and offers a top-level, full-screen experience. It works offline and acts like a native mobile application even in an airplane mode. combines features offered by most modern browsers and is a progressive web app that offers full mobile capability and features.

  15. Offline usage support
  16. When you visit in a browser, all the web pages are available in offline data storage with reliable performance. Users can browse through their feed, look at the details of the products on it and adjust criteria even without an Internet connection.

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