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Software Consulting Done Right: Helping Werserve's Agile Teams To Deliver

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Weserve is helping online movements get organized, raise funds, and complete tasks. With Weserve, you can put your followings to work and keep the momentum going for your community without having to belong to a ruling party, but instead engage them as an independent leader. Projects are open for public review, so you can channel the wisdom of the crowd. This makes you accountable but it also protects you and your project as independent and legitimate. Also, one of the cool things is that you can fund a project using Bitcoin payment (or any other currency) from anywhere in the world.

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When we came onboard, the Weserve team was already building the application. They had challenges with building a good system that will support the founder’s vision, while staying dynamic and solving the technical changes. On top of lending a hand with writing quality code, we helped to speed up internal processes and create MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on a short notice. Here is what we did:

  1. Network and deployment setup
  2. We did advanced network setup on AWS. We configured deployment through Chef on AWS Opsworks service. We have ensured a protected storage of the confidential business data by implementing several server-security solutions, full network infrastructure, base, and deployment configuration.

  3. Cryptocurrency payment
  4. We have set up a secure and transparent payment system that allows sending payments internationally without concern for currency conversion. We helped Weserve to integrate a full payment system based on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency through BitGo and Coinbase.

  5. Multi-currency payment
  6. Later, requirements came for a multi-currency payment system that could potentially replace the Bitcoin system, so we extended existing payment system to be highly adaptive and to support any type of currency. This resulted in an integrated backend system that provides users with a currency-agnostic payment system, which enables them to clearly identify transactions and extract data related to a specific currency.

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  7. Software development management
  8. We supervised the entire software development team to ensure code quality and project delivery. Our technical architect designed a cohesive system and ensured all code merged into the production repository adheres to Weserve's project vision.

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